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How to enjoy Fuukiran









Fuukiran has so many interesting characters,for example flower color variation. "Syutennou", "Syoujyo", "Toutenkou" as red and pink, "Hisui", "Kisyuryokufuu" as green. Flower form variation is "Soubiryu" as double spur, "Hanamatoi", "Manjyusyage" as triple spur, "Syunkyuden", "Kotyounomai" as mutated form. Leaf form variations are "Tamakongou", "Seikai" as mameba(Bean leaf). Root tip color variations are red, green, mud, creamy white and ruby. 

 Major character of Fuukiran is variegation. The lack of chlorophyll cause variegation rarely happens in nature. As its rareness some Fuukiran are priceless especially newly found. But some of the variegation pattern were found inheritable and made a lot of seedlings.

 The patterns of variegations are classified and named on it. Torafu (tiger stripe), Fukurin (marginal variegation), Shima (line variegation) etc.  Variegated Fukiran are easily affected by light strength. Some need strong light to appear brilliant leaf color but some are not. The Torahu pattern like "Karanishiki" you have to adjust carefully for the strength or you will lose variegation or get sun burn.  Shima pattern (line variegation) like "Ooemarushima"is unstable and not every year continues clear and beautiful variegation. Fukurin pattern (marginal variegation)like "Surugahukurin" is mostly stable.

Fuukiran has single or multiple characters above mentioned. That combination of character made hundreds of variety. This is why Fuukiran is deep and attract many people. If you observe carefully through magnifying glass it is more enjoyable.

 When exhibiting Fuukiran we use golden wall in the background to let a Fuukiran become more attractive. It is used by "Hinamatsuri" that is the traditional event of Japan It is certain that this decoration will catch everyone’s eye in the orchid show. Hinamatsuri is a festival of the child loved by parent, Fuukiran was also loved by Shogun and decollated and enjoyed.

 ・Fuukiran pot
 "Nishikibachi" (Decorative ceramic pot) are used when exhibiting Fuukiran. I was baked rather low temperature and have a little air-permeability. Traditional theme of natural beauty and patterns are painted colorful. In that picture contains various meanings. For example "Crane" and "Turtle" picture means long life in Japanese tradition.
 There is a rank in "Nishikibachi" . It is usually black edge but the golden edge is the above rank, furthermore the golden wave edge is uppermost. In addition there is the top and bottom rank by the picture. "Nishikibachi" is a kind of craftsman like art. Some of them are very expensive because of famous artist or rare old antique. When you select "Nishikibachi" you have to adjust color and picture to the Fuukiran you exhibit. Recently new and modern design "Nishikibachi" are made.
 "Nishikibachi" are made from special cray and baking process. It’s unique shape with hand writing pictures, patterns and golden edge. Its body is made very thin so easy to brake. It has three hoot. These are full of playful mind.
 When"Nishikibachi" were first made in Kyoto, there existed already modern pottery technic everywhere in Japan. But clearly unusual making process was applied. We do not know why but I imagine there were many rich and noble people living in Kyoto and many artists, too. So they ordered to make interesting and playful "Nishikibachi". These"Nishikibachi" is fun to collect too.