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How to grow Fuukiran in general

 “The best fertilizer for orchid is the sound of the master’s footsteps.”

 This is the proverb for every orchid grower. There are no secrets in orchid growing. You should often watch carefully, touch, feel and think what they need. See the leaves, root and the surface of the moss. Put your fingers inside the pot and feel the moist.

 Growing condition is variable by greenhouse, places, potting media and watering. So please find yourself the best way.

 The basic condition requirement is as follows.

  @ Good air movement is necessary in growing season.

  A Watering should be accentuate wet and dry

  B Shade strong in summer and rest of the season usually 40-50%

  C Repot at least every 2 year.

  D Temperature 5℃―30℃ (tolerate 0℃-35℃ but not recommended)

indivudual note for growing Fuukiran (comming soon)

influence of light strength

Seedling and division

How to identify Fuukiran