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How to repot

 Repotting is one of the most important orchid cares. In case Neofinethia at least you should do it every two year.
 Sphagnum moss is easy to rot in wet environment. If your watering is adequate, that means adequate wet and dry interval, two years is acceptable. But too much watering and under high humidity two years is not good. It harms root and gives serious damages to the plants.
 In my opinion I recommend to repot every year.
 As same as other orchids, the best season to repot is winter because they are resting. If you happened to repot other season careful treatment is needed not to damage new root.
 Basic way of repotting Neofinethia is called “Takaue”, high mount setting. It is suitable for Neofinethia nature, need for good air movement.
 This time I will show you very easy way, my own way of repotting and this is not only way of repotting. Please keep in mind there are so much difference in growing environment like living place, or watering, etc. So there are some differences. You should think difference of your own growing conditions when repotting.















 Tools for high mount setting

   ・High mount setting stand
 This is a handmade setting tool using empty can of shaving foam r pipe. If you want that kind of material you can easily find at Home Depo or other DIY shops. I use 2 inch pipe for 2.5 pots and shaving foam can for 3inch pot. The point is to adjust size of the pot you use a little smaller.

   ・Scissors and tweezers

   ・Bobbin holder and cotton line

 This tool is for tying fly fishing hooks. Ask your friend who is an expert fly fisherman. Cotton line, prefer thinner line, when bobbin holder became empty, fill the line from bigger bobbin.

   ・Tooth brush and ban boo stick
 Clean up the surface of leaves using tooth brush and  Correct the leaves in order by ban boo stick

   ・Preparation of sphagnum moss
Usually NZ sphagnum moss is sold completely dry out. So you have to reverse sponge like fibers by water soaking several hours. I use plastic bag. Before you use moss shaking strong in plastic bag and reveres completely sponge like fibers. After that remove mingled other plants and untangle the fibers.

   ・Trimming Neofinethia plants
Carefully remove old or dead root and also old leaf and leaf joint (Hakama).
We sometimes gather plants to make big clamp for good appearance or to divide big clamp into small plants to share.

   ・Make base dome of sphagnum moss
Put the handful of sphagnum moss round on your hand. That amount of moss affects watering frequency. If your Neos need frequent watering use more.
Then put on the top of setting tool and press strong one moment and fix by cotton line keeping dome like shape. Adding moss trim dome same thickness.

   ・Fix Neo on the base
Spread root and fix by cotton line. At this time please attention the center and front of the plant.
Watch the plants carefully and find where the center of the plant is or which side is the front or back. Every plant have center, in other word main plant. And it has to stand strait upward. The front of the plant is the side that you find old flower stem.

   ・Cover root by sphagnum moss
Cover surface of the dome by moss and fix by cotton line.

   ・Set in the pot
Remove from the tool and set in the pot. Trim the surface of mounted moss by scissors.

Put the name tag and finished.