Inherited character of Fuukiran

  Most of you have already aware that the name of Fuukiran is quite vague in Japan. Many kind of Fuukiran are sold the same name as original plant even if they are seedlings. It is serious problem that we can’t to keep purity of original plant. Except for several variegated kind there exist seedlings. Most of the seedlings show almost the same character of mother plant but not the same! After several years, they grow the same size as mother plant, it’s impossible to identify mother plant or not. But observe carefully seedlings have sometime different character. Thus we lost many kind of original plants. In other aspect seedlings contributed to spread Fuukiran worldwide and made reasonable price. But at the same time oversupply destroyed prices and growers mind to love them because they are worthless. The essence of Fuukiran is rareness and unusuality. The technology of mass production is changing the world of Fuukiran. I wonder how to maintain originality of Fuukiran that has been handed down for 300 years. The list of inherited character of Fuukiran will show you what and how to inherit.

Here is the list of inherited character of Fuukiran

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Kiyoshige Negi